JUNE 2021 – OCTOBER 2021

The Earth is a living altar. Mama Earth, The Great Mama, Our One Planet, the home place that we share with Mother Earth’s other children in the glorious mystery of life. This exhibition is a 12-part audiovisual homage and tribute to our planet. The Living Altar exhibit was conceived under the direction of Soil and Shadow and the Kalliopeia Foundation and was gestated over a period of 18 months, beginning in October 2019 with the convening in Chicago of a group of twenty Black and people of color community leaders from across the country. These activists, artists, writers and academics brought together a unique combination of historical and ancestral knowledge, artistic interpretations, and sharp assessments of current political, societal, and environmental conditions and challenges.
​​A multi-sensory, virtual exhibition consisting of 11 short films, The Living Altar is a return to oral tradition, a winding tale of spirit, ecology, and culture. Through an audio experience wrapped in powerful imagery, viewers partake in the experience of sitting in a circle—created by a shared understanding, a singular act of ceremony, a sensory-rich moment that is a catalyst of transformation.
​​Under the Creative Direction of Noni Limar, the curated exhibit creates an experience through sound and imagery that brings community into a singular moment, a shared understanding and moment of ceremony that serves as a catalyst for transformation. The stories of the artists are offerings laid before a living altar, a manifestation of the complexities of our relationships to ecology and spirit that hold the keys to our healing and liberation.
​​The virtual exhibit is now open at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art (MoCADA) thru October 2021. Click here to experience The Living Altar. Immense gratitude for being able to share our love offering, Acres of Ancestry.